Artificial Intelligence

University of Amsterdam

Duration of master: 2 years (120 EC)
City: Amsterdam
Focus of master:

The Master's programme in Amsterdam has a technical approach towards AI research and therefore contains a strong technical component in the program. The primary focus is on the the understanding, analysis and development of novel AI algorithms in order to create useful programs, as well as aid in understanding (human) intelligence. In the programme you acquire a working knowledge of efficient, robust and intelligent methods for interpreting sensory and other information of different character. The program is a joint programme of the University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, which makes it possible to provide a wide range of topics to specialize in.

Study programme:
Core programme

The first year consists mostly of obligatory core courses to provide a solid basis and overview of AI research. These include courses on Computational Intelligence, Computer Vision, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Representation, Machine Learning, Multi-Agent Systems and Natural Language Processing.


In the second semester of the first year, you choose your specialization in an area of your choice. Throughout the second year, you can follow more courses of your specialization and you will be working on your thesis. As a result, there are many specializations possible. Examples of specializations are:

  • Artifical Intelligence and Data Science
    Topics for this specialization include: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Data Mining Techniques, Information Visualization and Probabilistic Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence and the Web
    Topics for this specialization include: Information Retrieval, Knowledge representation on the Web, Knowledge Engineering and Natural Language Processing
Application criteria:
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence or Computer Science
  • A Bachelor’s degree closely related to AI with at least the following courses:
    • Basic programming, computing skills courses and experience with developing software
    • Basic mathematics (calculus, linear algebra and probability/statistics)
    • Basic computer science (algorithms, systems) and artificial intelligence
    • Proficiency in English

Curriculum: link
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Studying at Amsterdam Science Park:
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